Android Based POS

POS Android Ordering App

With a branded ZKPOS online ordering system that's integrated with your kitchen display system, you can free up employees from keying in online orders from various tablets into the POS.

Android based POS support

Installation And Installation Guide

  1. After installation was completed select the settings button from the right side corner of the Tab screen
  2. From that pop-up menu, we should be add service IP, service port, and also select a language from the dropdown menu.
  3. # Service IP: Type the device IP where the service has been installed.

    # Service port :port no iis

    # language : almost 12 languages

    add service ip, service port , and also select a language

Login Procedures

Users can also Login by their provided Id and pin.

First enter User ID then click ok button.

Then enter PIN and Click ok button.

Main Menu

Main Menu has three options as Table, customer & delivery.

Main Menu


Table arrangements will be shown as its area, section and seating capacity. Keep your staff updated with menu and orders placed will be displayed on the kitchen display system in order to reduce waiting time.

Keep your staff up to date on menu changes and send orders directly to the kitchen to reduce wait times.

Table Arrangements
Table Arrangements


This feature is used to select or add a new customer in POS.

If we want to add a new customer, select add button, and fill all the details in the popup menu.

Select Customer
Add new customer

Take Away & Delivery

Divided into two types Take away and Delivery.

Take away : Enabling your customers to place orders online with orders routed automatically to the local prep area of the restaurant.

Delivery :

  1. Need to assign a delivery boy and collect all customer details for delivering food.
  2. click the New delivery button , and select the delivery boy.
  3. Select the customer from customer list.
  4. After that,it automatically open a POS menu

  5. Select the product from product list, click the send order with priority.


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