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Pizzeria POS


Regardless of any taste, like if you prefer a perfect Italian style, or some Indian taste or some local even, handle it with more care and hold your customers by fulfilling their taste. A Pizzeria POS system has designed and modelled specifically for pizza shops for better business operations. The software helps to make orders for pizza and process payments and get delivered.

The other big advantage of the pizzeria POS system is the availability for online orders. This is a growing trend for even small time pizza stores. It allows those at home to place their order while having the confidence the order has been placed correctly. They will be able to verify everything they ordered on the pizza is correct before placing the order. If they need to make a change, they can still call you at the store.

Multiple stores management is another feature, which facilitates an effective management in every point of sale transactions. It helps to track the sales, inventory, employees and customers in one place. It serves with a big amount of hardware integration for better functioning of a POS system. Make a quick sale, with ZKTeco’s pizzeria POS. It helps for purchase orders, stock adjustments, and transfer orders.

Multiple payment is what, whether cash or credit everything is upon your choice and can also apply discounts to the receipts or add points on every purchase. It ensures a high definite cash management process, which identify mistakes and correct them with speculated skills.

                     Main Features

Flexible Menu Ordering

With the custom ordering page, customers can make orders for both delivery and takeout and they can customize pizza different toppings and even can make changes any time before delivery.

Creating Customer Choice  Pizza
Eliminate missed orders using KDS

Kitchen Display System

Customers can sent orders directly through kitchen Display System and thus we can avoid errors and confusions.

Add-Ons & Combos

You can offer combos and rewards for regular customers and even create special combo offers.

Add-Ons and Combos
ZKTeco’s Delivery Module

Delivery Module

POS system has an advantage of tracking all details of customers when they called so that they can make delivery to the specified location at the earliest.

Integrated CRM

Customer database can be tracked for getting reviews and offering rewards and gifts and for sending promotions.

Integrated CRM
Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Daily collection reports, sales person category reports and customer purchase reports helps to find an overall overview of your business.

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