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Cloud POS App

 ZKPos sales report app login page ZKPOS CLOUD ANDROID APP simplifies the way you do billing at your point of sale (POS). Instantly record sale & customer details and get powerful business insights. Print invoices right and make your billing system efficient and cutting-edge. Android POS is in great demand for its mobility, agility and affordability. The process performance of these mobile POS systems is on par with that of any traditional one. It helps in pricing of products, inventory management, sales and reporting and analysis of that reports. Customizable utility features increase the acceptability of Cloud POS app. The application also provides customer credit and vendor credit facilities. Customer loyalty programmes by giving points to customers. Efficient barcode system, instant stock checking, discount and modifiers are some important features of this application. It provides two types of data storage facility in which users can select offline/cloud storage which they want. If the user uninstall the application they will lose all the current data.. 

Advanced Features of ZKPOS Cloud Restaurant App

 ZKPos app report page

  • Open ticket feature enables to resume the payment process.
  • Return option provides customer to send request for returning the items.
  • Products can be added by using barcode scanner.
  • Payment can be made via cash/card.
  • Tax/accounts/printer management feature.
  • Languages can be selected as per customer wish.
  • Sync/Backup/Restore
  • Entered data’s are shown as reports.
  • Stock Receive/Transfer feature is also available.
  • Minus stock facility
  • Inclusive tax
  • Same barcode to multiple products

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