ZKPosweb Android App for Cloud Based Sales Report

Release time:2018-07-03

 ZKPos sales report app login pageAll information can be synchronised with a cloud server and can access data from anywhere in the world. It is an experimental app developed by ZKPOS software team and been successfully installed for many clients. ZKPOS Sales Report App is a simple, yet comprehensive billing point of sale software that automates your business. This intuitive ZKPOS Sales Report App makes purchasing, inventory, payments, expenses and customer management easy, alongside billing and invoicing. ZKPOS Sales Report App Software runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look more smart and tech-savvy... 

Using this android app, you can analyse data, store back-up and recover data. It helps you to keep everything safe and secure in your cloud and will retrieve and make reports whenever necessary. Get the accurate report on your daily sales, customers, products, expenses and many more to know your growth curve at your fingertips.Maintaining records of all business expenses with few touches would help you to evaluate where to spend and where not to.Let it be customers' choice to pay by cash, card, multiple digital wallets, vouchers, loyalty points or a combination of these.Customize your sales reports to easily see how your stores are performing, what products are making you the most money, and discover who your top sales people are.        

 ZKPos app report page

By this application you can synchronise all data related to your braches and make reports and analyse it. You can make cloud-based file sharing of your reports to anyone. Where ever you go you can manage your business at your fingertips and thereby can make changes. ZKPOS use a wide range of reports and filters to get to the bottom of things, and help you identify trends or problem areas that need attention.Use our mobile friendly dashboard to get a snapshot of how your stores are performing via easy to understand charts, and quickly identify important trends or areas to work on.  

The metrics that matter: understand how your customers shop, true employee performance, how long products take to sell, and how much you’ve been discounting.

Exclusive sales reports surface the performance of your brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers. View store metrics, right down to the register level.Set goals for your sales team and identify top performers with daily, weekly or monthly sales targets. Your team can also track their individual performance on set targets. Be safe and updated with ZKPOS Android Cloud Based Sales Report App.

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