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Target POS for Marhaba Restaurants

Case Study: HUAWEI POS All- in- One Solution

Project Overview

Huawei POS is one of the successful projects we have done to the Huawei. Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices with integrated solutions across four key domains – telecom networks, IT, smart devices, and cloud services. Huawei POS Software keep track down of the inventory, analyse sales reports, managing bills and orders, gathering contact details of best clients, product details on monthly or daily basis and compatible to use with offline mode. It helps to emphasize the convenience and time-savings for faster point of sale transactions. It will give the business a new level of control over operations which will increase efficiency, boost profits and will help to fine-tune its business model.

POS for Marhaba Restaurants

In the Huawei POS we implemented the following things like in which client module admin can login with the id and password, PIN number, Fingerprint and MSR card where admin has the ability to access every modules. It also include Work Period, Peripheral Devices (it includes printer management, customer display option and second display), Inventory Management (includes stock receiving, stock transfer, inventory flow), POS Module (includes billing, pre-ordering), Backup, Reports includes (admin login reports, cashier login reports, sales report, inventory report, customer report, tax report and other report), Tickets, Accounts, Store and Day Closing functions. As per our client wish we also implemented other features in client module like stock receiving by export/import file instead of manual scanning, we also furnished to share the required reports to keep the modification in order to prevent the confusion among the shop owner regarding different reports and also done Arabic translation corrections. We had modified it with the synchronization frameworks 2.1 update. Where the Server module includes admin login, company details, in which utilities grant permission to access the features, software details, backup function, customer details, vendor details, SQL connection, import tables, export tables, membership, new user creation, product management, discount offers, work period, reports, tickets and accounts.

POS for Marhaba Restaurants

According to our client request we also made some additional features like option to enable/disable store, pre-order limit, color feature to the product spec and reports in the product management, product price log report.

POS for Marhaba Restaurants

As per the due consideration of our client in the web portal we have added two customize graphs to implement in mobile app, displays user ID and store code & search option by user ID and store code. Apart from this, in the mobile app we also added the features like automatically displays the user login which already logged in, one welcome page which shows promotion details need to display as messages in default and it can be changeable as per the requirements, Added new graphs Tab5 and Tab6 for category, sales quantity & volume and new summary reports as per the tab, enable changes for incorrect entry for cost price for the client at server side, exporting/save chart wise reports, searching option by user name and code, added option to fix/edit the cost data entered by stores, reorder and organization of web report portals.

POS for Marhaba Restaurants

About the functioning of this system, for earlier .exe server synchronization process, we used was Microsoft’s synchronization framework 2.1 version. Synchronization was happening at the time of day close essentiality and data will synchronize to the server later. It has placed with an extra button called synchronization, by clicking it automatically data will upload and download to the server. Due to some issues in the previous .exe server synchronization becomes time consuming, as a result we made some modification in the synchronization functionality. In which we modified it with the synchronization frameworks 2.1 update. What we have done in newly updated process is, it synchronize faster with the server than before and also directly synchronize with the server. We also avoided the feature of multiple store sinking at a time, by the new updated process which it can easily synchronize with one store at a time in a fully manner. For that purpose, there is a particular queue for it and the first person has the priority to synchronize it automatically, therefore the other person can synchronize it only there after him. The synchronization of each branch occurs only one or two times at a day. If the synchronization process to be done there will be a ticket for each server called queue ticket, which would allotted and thus synchronization process will be automatically occurs. For that purpose we divided the synchronization into two. Upload and download functions. For the upload function, we created a separate service section and it will provide synchronization process automatically in the background. From local’s client database, data will upload automatically to the server in preference to the priority in the queues. Server created download provides branches to download it manually when they needs. They can do it on manually, in stores option there is an option called upload or download. It is made as split, due to not to waste the time on downloading for update process. Thus it helped them in faster synchronization process, uploading automated, created as a separate service, and there will be no barrier while functioning it in the main .exe.

POS for Marhaba Restaurants

Project Details

  • Customer: Huawei
  • Category: Point Of Sale
  • Date Post: 8 July, 2019
  • Region wise feature facilitates to add stores and machinery.
  • It ensures server client synchronization process.
  • Data clearing privilege is available to the admin only.
  • In stores machinery details can be easily added to the server. Where you can easily identify the machinery is in which store.
  • Here it allows selecting the features of the utility, by clicking it.
  • It also features with petty cash advance, logo printing, slide show customer display, VFD Display, LED Display, keyboard shortcuts, discount and round for cashiers and inclusive tax calculations.
  • Having a backup factor, data’s will be more secure, therefore regular customer data can be also saved.
  • It ensures to perceive about vendor accounting transactions by clicking it.
  • Import factor helps to import product in all together rather than one by one.
  • The saved details of data’s in the Point of Sale systems can be exported with the Export Factor.
  • Admin has the privilege to add other users and can provide user ID or password to cashier, store manager etc…
  • With the advantageable of peripheral devices a thermal printer or other connected printer can be connected. It includes ticket type, payment type and normal type.
  • It is functioning with 2 languages like English and Arabic.
  • The secondary display option facilitates to inform customers about ad, offers…
  • Featuring with different departments in which customer can easily identify about each thing in detail.
  • In tax update factor tax can be provided in department wise or can add tax on each product.
  • It adds points to conduct customer loyalty programmes.
  • Exact working time of users can be easily understood in User Login.
  • It allows full accessibility to the admin to start the work period.
  • Basic accounting can be done effectively in the Point of Sale system.
  • Reports can easily identify just by a view and different reports allows the users to understand various functioning.
  • Day close functionality ensures accounts to be done in a real process, admin has the privilege to day close and thereby unprocessed bill can be easily find out.
  • The bill could count to check to see the ticket.
  • The membership option allows adding new customers to the process.
  • Inventory management can be done in a better way with the features like stock receive, stock transfer…
  • Vendor can be process payment via cash/ credit way.
  • It facilitates with a barcode option, which includes a serial number to easily process the sale function.
  • Vendor can be easily added here.
  • An automated backup option avails to the daily day close functionality to easily backup the data.
  • Easily identifies inventory, current stocks, missing stocks in an enhanced way
  • After billing it easily add clients and old bill could be easily retrieved with the option.
  • It also featured with return and pre-order functionality.
  • Clients can easily add about the product specification and product image with this function.
  • With the use of serial number, barcode
  • Here, stock can be transferred to other branch in a systematic way.
  • At the time of payment customer can view the details of product, price…
  • Payment can be made in cash/card/voucher/customer a/c.
  • Advance credit option allows to the customer and discounts can be easily provided with billing interface.
  • At the time of billing, it permits to add clients.
  • Products can be returned in an ease way.
  • Advanced pre-order facility can be easily made.
  • Detailed and well systematic reports are available.

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