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Record your transactions, manage sales commissions and export your data to the business intelligence platform to make smarter decisions with ZKPOS Wholesale system. With our flexible and most powerful system, you can make your business to gain profit and control over pricing.

When you create a set of price variations, you can set up the system to offer them to selected groups of customers, such as your most frequent buyers. It’s very easy to create bulk buy promotions. To mix things up, you can also use the software to select customers at random to get rewards. When you want to reach out to these customers, our software enables you to send out emails and text messages to announce new promotions.

All in one ERP solution with built-in POS will manage your wholesale business in a desirable way and eliminates the need of entering information in multiple ways so that reduces errors.You can also use POS system in an offline mode and can even make reports as it never lose your opportunity because of network connectivity. Do your business in a worthier way not complicate one, choose ZKPOS wholesale system.

A Wholesale POS system with different mode enhances the whole day-to-day transactions into an upgraded business structure. Which perform as a system that instantly records all the relevant cash transaction when a sale proceeds. It consistently saves time and which effectives into a better working environment for employees due to the innovative functions, it finds a way to prevent human errors for wrong calculations.

ZKTeco’s wholesale POS system enables to stock a large types of products with a limited people to manage it as to reduce the workload of individuals. It functions itself as a complete customer relationship management, by top lifting customer’s preference at its peak. Making a complete profile of every customer who has shopped from your store, effetely carries its business strategies to be settled.

                     Main Features

Inventory Tracking System

The pillar of every business is its perfect inventory system which organises all stock details and avoiding all product outages and overstock. Access detailed records of each piece of merchandise, from when it was received, at what cost, which customer eventually bought it, at what time and what price, and product warranty information with the help of POS software.

Online or Offline Access
Organized inventory

Cash Management

Successfully managing cash flow is a skill for every business and make all transactions quick and easy. Profit & loss management will help you to keep control of your business. It also provides complete order tracking from acceptance to payment.

Check data anytime, anywhere!

You can easily keep an eye on all your business activity with the live viewing panel. Whether you’re working from home or somewhere far away from home, you can view all your data on any device to see sales and other activities and where they take place and by whom.

Check Data at Any time anywhere
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Management

By this software we can have customer database storing, we can group customers by various attributes, we can provide reward by the points they acquired, synchronise members data for using multiple outlets.

Sales Management

By this module you can generate sales invoices, apply discounts and promotions, make end of day settlement, and even synchronises sales of all outlets to backend system through internet.

Dynamic Sales
Real Time Reporting

Report Management

Real time reports will benefit in sales and profits. Wholesale POS software offers centralized web based reports for all outlets, daily collection reports, stock transfer reports and even customer purchase reports.

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