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All-In-One solution

Hosted solutions of ZKTeco’s POS Terminals, Software’s and Accessories to the business can emphasize the convenience and time- savings for faster point of sale transactions. We have illustrated with a definite circle of POS devices and systems which can eliminates a large amount of human errors and save money in the long term. The product circle which consists of Barcode Scanner, Printer, Thermal Printer, Metallic Money Holder, Thermal Receipt Printer, Vacuum Fluorescent Display, Magnetic Strip Card Reader, Card Reader, Drawer, Touch monitor for POS system enhance the sale of your business. ZKTeco’s software’s like Restaurant Software, Supermarket Software, Wholesale Software and Retail Software also does the same effect. The Point of Sale allows to control all sales & return operations, products bundling, promotion discounts, sale transactions, CRM, inventory management, customer credit card information privacy, labour working hours and shift management.

Standing by to help you succeed.

The point of sale and platform built with your business’ success in mind