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ZKTeco is a globally-renowned provider of security, access control and time management solutions.

ZKTeco, founded in March 1998, is a world-leading enterprise specialized in Hybrid-Biometric Verification technology. ZKTeco currently owns the largest quantity of patents and intellectual property rights in the field, and applies biometric verification technology to smart office, smart financing, smart traffic, and smart security, with a service network covering the entire world. ZKTeco has established an innovation center for hybrid biometric verification technology and Internet of Things in Silicon Valley in the USA, and a research institute for cloud platform, cloud computing, and big data in Europe. ZKTeco also owns a manufacturing center in Dongguan, plus three enterprises and a laboratory specializing in biometric verification algorithms and business operations in the USA. ZKTeco Core Algorithm Laboratory, Smart Verification Laboratory, Northern China Technical Service Center, Global Technical Service Center, and Russia/Japan/South Korea Sales Center have been established in Dalian China. ZKTeco also owns branch offices in every province in China, and over 20 countries including Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia etc. with over 80% foreign employees, with a scale of over 3,000 employees and 1,000 research staff.

With the application of biometric verification technology and big data to smart office, smart security and smart identity verification, ZKTeco is the leading enterprise in the industry. With our innovative O2O service platform, ZKTeco has created a vertical system consisting of research & development, design, engineering, manufacturing, IoT, and Internet service, owning the largest manufacturing base in the industry, and is the first enterprise to provide visitor management, car entrance management and freight management products, solutions and services. ZKTeco has rich experience in fingerprint, finger vein, and face recognition verification, and is a major provider of the identity card, fingerprint algorithm, identification devices and fingerprint modules. ZKTeco also has memberships of FIDO in U.S., Standardization Technic Committee for Security & Protection Alarm Systems of China, and the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee.

With the rapid development and innovation of technology, ZKTeco has always been at the frontline of biometric verification core technology, constructing business ecosystems with platform thinking, leading the banking development with IoT+ Internet ideas, and striving to be the paragon of the industry.

Dear customers and global strategic partners,

Welcome to ZKTeco official website! ZKTeco Inc. has been a pioneer in developing global enterprise time management and security management solutions since 1985. It is a global leading developer of multi-biometric identification and RFID core technologies and a renowned security provider of products and solutions. Our achievements witness the history of the development of the global biometric identification industry. We are fortunate to have become a pioneer unexceptionally in every change of the biometric identification industry. Our branches in the United States, China, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and our core partners from more than 180 countries make up the largest sales and service network of this industry.

We sincerely appreciate our global strategic partners and value-added system developers who maintain long-term cooperation relationships with us. Thanks to your value concept and core philosophy consistent with our pursuit of customer satisfaction, and your rich service experience and system integration experience in enterprise time management and security management, we have made remarkable achievements in the world over the years. Our cooperation has not only promoted the values for both parties, but also enabled us to have earned the respect of society and our families. We have reasons to believe that we will make contributions to the improvement of the efficiency of time management and security management through more innovations and cooperation in the future.

Innovations will become the core theme of our development. Our eternal pursuit is to provide customers with richer solutions and more values. Our core competitiveness lies in that we have many market platforms worldwide to share the resources, and that we can provide the most valuable international products and solutions to the greatest extent. The driving forces for our future development are becoming the most outstanding innovator and pioneer of this industry in history and establishing one of the most influential brands of time management and security management in the world.

John Che
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