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Restaurant POS


ZKPOS Restaurant System provide customizable menu which also fulfils other customer demands like discounts, gift and points, loyalty programs, home delivery and take away facility, credit system, LED/VFD customer display system, emails and SMS alerts. Data backup and restore facility by using SQL server and SQL local database facility in categories like Hotel, Café, Pizzeria, Bar and beverages, bakery, sweet shop, ice cream shop, food court, food truck. Simultaneous and order management feature customers a multi-currency payment. Users can add the reports based on daily transactions which entitle to understand customer preferences. Table and ordering management where customers can place order very quickly and pay bills by using cash or card so that time theft can be avoided. Multi- location management, multi store and warehouse management, invoice discount and rounding facility, day close are other ZKPOS features.

Restaurant Back Office

Besides the restaurant point of sale system, in Restaurant Back Office any individual can login into the back office with a URL and can access the data’s in the exe. You can add the stock or products from a back office instead of login into exe and the only difference between a back office and exe is no sale can be proceed here and here it also keep the backup copy of the important data somewhere else in the system. Features like Product management, accounts management, report, inventory, discount, offers etc.

zkpos restaurant back office
zkpos restaurant order app

Restaurant Order App

In the restaurant order taking app, which is often as easy to use as a smartphone app, allows servers to tap in an order via a handheld tablet at the table, eliminating the need to rush to the POS station and whenever a customer reaches instead of waiting for a waiter the customer himself can make order and it will displayed in the kitchen display system with the receptive table number and the staffs will start making food and will be served. Another restaurant based application is the report app.

Restaurant Report App

ZKPOS Restaurant Report App makes to view the reports like Sales Reports, Inventory Reports, Account Reports and 0ther Report in a PDF format. ZKPOS Sales Report App Software runs on smartphones and tablets, thereby making your business mobile and look smarter and tech-savvy. Restaurant Report App it shows the Sales and Receive reports details on daily-wise, weekly-wise and monthly wise details in a graphical way. Restaurant Report App furnish you to encounter the reports in which different data are stored as different reports. If an individual who went outside can immediately view the report details within seconds by using the restaurant report app.

zkpos restaurant report app
zkpos restaurant web android report app

Restaurant Web Android Report App

If any sales or receive takes place it can see it on the web android report app and the data will be automatically uploads in to the cloud. It shows the daily sales and receive reports in date wise, daily wise, monthly and year wise. Reports like Daily sales report, Daily receive report, Monthly sales report, Monthly receive report, Yearly sales report, Yearly receive report, Sales report date range, Receive report date range, Day number wise sales report, Day number wise receive report can be seen here. Current sales and receive details can be seen here in a graphical way format.

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