Restaurant POS


Providing restaurant business in a smarter way and fulfilling customized effects to customers. Get direct access for all operations happening in a restaurant before your dashboard. POS systems will perform all transactions which enhances customer satisfaction and thus by attaining overall profit. POS software are customizable to suit with individual establishment needs. With simplicity and better speed, being the top priorities POS software can helps you to manage your outlet easily and train your staff with no effort. You can integrate with online ordering channels to manage through POS. You can also synchronise item details, enable/disable items in these channels right from your POS.

Customers can provide feedback and mark favourite items from the digital receipts they receive. The right restaurant POS will provide a Gift and Loyalty solution that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of loyalty programs; increase visits, reward your customers, run targeted marketing promotions, personalize the guest experience and gather data on your guest preferences and behaviours.

Table top kiosks and standalone kiosks allow patrons to request additional menu items and pay at their table, while also providing greater customer control and meal customization. They also can create improved turnover rates and can aid in staffing.

Proper inventory control and reporting can be made effectively with a Restaurant POS system. The primary functions of a restaurant POS system can be enabled upon the basic settings we have made in it. Users can add the reports based on daily transactions which entitle to understand customer preferences. The Dashboard feature of ZKTeco restaurant POS helps to provide customer credit to regular customers up to a standard level.

With different privileges, daily updates can be made to facilitate ease mode of transactions. Here, you can also add the ingredients, combo and so on. With day close feature the order can be easily cancelled while taking to the kitchen. It emphasize in a customer oriented management to specifically satisfy your customers with a static market strategies of a restaurant POS system.

                     Main Features

Table and Ordering Management

This operation allows customers to view the seating arrangement so that they can choose according to their likes and also they can reserve tables using POS software. We can place order very quickly and pay bills using cards or cash so that there will be no waiting time.

Table Management
Accurate Bills

Accurate Bills

ZKTecopos uses dispense printers and kitchen printers to make sure items are registered on your system before being served, this way you won't miss that bottle of wine or dessert off the bill again.

Handheld Ordering

With ZKTecopos you can now enter customer orders anywhere- at the table, on your patio, in your beer garden or perhaps in your function & meeting rooms or hotel reception.

Handheld Ordering
Speed of Service with EPos

Customer database Management

Analysing customers by collecting information about their choices and offering rewards and surprises to regular customers and being connect with them using POS software. Using technology to engage with customers in innovative and unique ways is key for brands to stay ahead of the pack.


Secure your cash and card payments using POS to make a control on your business and by giving selective access to the management console. Also with the cloud server customers’ data will be always secure. POS security aims to create a safe environment for customers to complete their purchases and transactions, and it’s a must-have measure for fostering trust with today’s consumers.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is available either at the EPoS terminal, Back Office PC or HeadOffice giving you and your management team key data about trading, staffing and stock information.

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