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Cafe POS

Cafes & Coffee Shops

A café is social place for interacting and enjoying a warm cup of coffee and ZKPOS plays a fitter role in managing your café shop.

If you are preferring a customizable display for your café, then ZKPOS is the answer. A cafe POS system is designed to help small coffee shops and eateries efficiently manage counter, seated, take-out, and delivery orders, plus oversee general business needs. Customer service tools, quick order-taking, and ticket-tracking top the list of needed features in good cafe POS software.

With a simple click on the POS screen, employees can easily make orders for their customers easily, thereby it helps them to serve more number of customers at a time efficiently. Here, day-to-day transactions can be easily reported and track down the sales effectively. It enables the workers to sign on and off when their shifts begins or ends, which process in to track hours simply.

A café POS system manages to secure the entire transactions, speeds and accurate the business functions effectively. With a definite track level, it creates points and gifts based on the purchases that each customer made. It is added service to a café, which can serve their customers to satisfy with the best.

                     Main Features

Tablet billing

Café POS helps to customise orders and make bills in a fast-pace manner. Whether it’s a bulk order or an individual one POS deals with it without any confusion.

Billing through tablets
Organized Inventory

Organized Inventory

Inventory Management helps you to fill up stock with fresh products and make purchase orders and an up-to-date inventory data compatibility also allows for your inventory to remain accurate within the context of your ordering system.

Sales and Reporting

You can analyse the inventory trends to make informed decisions and accurate list of the available supplies helps to find track of the daily and weekly usage. The sales reports and the raw material usage helps forecast and create future plans.

Live Viewing Panel
Loyalty Programs

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied customers are always happy customers.ZKTecopos software will make sure that all process and all customer issues and complaints are resolved smoothly. Taking care of repairs, other additional services all will be taken care of through the system. Credits given to customers or obligations payable to suppliers will all be monitored.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Programs which do not require the hassle of Loyalty Cards to add or redeem points.Create outlet specific offers or launch regional Loyalty Programs that can be run across multiple outlets.

Customer Satisfaction
Waiter Management

Waiting List Management

You can maintain waiting list of the customers in case of rush hours so that whenever a table is free you van sent an alert message to customers.

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