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The key to your all POS kindred problems can be solved with ZKTeco POS system. We have a bunch of Point of Sale solutions for your Supermarket, Restaurant, Wholesale, Retail, Hotel, Café, Coffee Shop, and Pizzeria. Cash and inventory management in POS can be easily done with a ZKTeco system. Our Point of Sale system includes Barcode Scanning, Statistics & Reports, and Scanner Integration in POS and thereby it enhances a better Customer Management in a POS system. For the best trading, option for adding discounts & gifts cards to ZKTeco POS which can highlight the phase of your business. Get the best Point of Sale transactions with ZKTeco, for your career extension.


Supermarket POS system and software solutions allows you to manage simply and effortlessly all your business processes directly from your back office smoothly and perfectly. From pricing to inventory management, to analysing sales and reports, employee performances, to manage promotions, offers and campaigns, all information are delivered instantaneously across the whole company giving you a complete overview of your business using ZKPOS supermarket system.

A supermarket POS system may even go one step further to alleviate shortages and curb over-ordering. Depending on the particular inventory management module, it may generate an alert when inventory levels reach user-defined minimums, and, in some cases, create re-orders based on this information. Self-kiosks in the supermarket will attain more customers to get-in & out of stores more quickly and promptly.

Re-ordering of products can be done easily by identifying and analysing stocks by ZKPOS Supermarket Software. This software also helps in increasing employee productivity.The rich functionality in the ZKPOS Supermarket system will helps to accomplish customer loyalty thereby attracting more customers which becomes a key point of success.


Record your transactions, manage sales commissions and export your data to the business intelligence platform to make smarter decisions with ZKPOS Wholesale system. With our flexible and most powerful system, you can make your business to gain profit and control over pricing.

When you create a set of price variations, you can set up the system to offer them to selected groups of customers, such as your most frequent buyers. It’s very easy to create bulk buy promotions. To mix things up, you can also use the software to select customers at random to get rewards. When you want to reach out to these customers, our software enables you to send out emails and text messages to announce new promotions.

All in one ERP solution with built-in POS will manage your wholesale business in a desirable way and eliminates the need of entering information in multiple ways so that reduces errors.You can also use POS system in an offline mode and can even make reports as it never lose your opportunity because of network connectivity. Do your business in a worthier way not complicate one, choose ZKPOS wholesale system.


In today’s world, POS (Point of Sale) system is being used by millions and it adds a fresh dimension to manage your business into a new level of control over operations; increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and will help it fine-tune its business mode. If your business is local, international or online, in stores, with a unique brand or for multiple choices or mixed up and you wanted the best choice to stand out your business to come in a perfect way, the answer is ZKPOS retail system.

Our Retail Solution has been specially designed to look after your sales, stock control and order management for both small and large-scale retailers. POS systems can helps to make information safe from hackers. Retail POS will be powerful only by installing POS software and this software helps to improve day-to-day business as it has integrated Accounting system with Inventory Management & CRM. Thus detailed business reports helps you analyse and gain insight into your products, orders and payments and makes your business profitable.

Just as with styles and trends, technology is always changing. Staying relevant with your customers and rising above the competition requires you to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing. Customer fulfilment is the basic factor recommended for using retail POS.


Providing restaurant business in a smarter way and fulfilling customized effects to customers. Get direct access for all operations happening in a restaurant before your dashboard. POS systems will perform all transactions which enhances customer satisfaction and thus by attaining overall profit. POS software are customizable to suit with individual establishment needs. With simplicity and better speed, being the top priorities POS software can helps you to manage your outlet easily and train your staff with no effort. You can integrate with online ordering channels to manage through POS. You can also synchronise item details, enable/disable items in these channels right from your POS.

Customers can provide feedback and mark favourite items from the digital receipts they receive. The right restaurant POS will provide a Gift and Loyalty solution that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of loyalty programs; increase visits, reward your customers, run targeted marketing promotions, personalize the guest experience and gather data on your guest preferences and behaviours.

Table top kiosks and standalone kiosks allow patrons to request additional menu items and pay at their table, while also providing greater customer control and meal customization. They also can create improved turnover rates and can aid in staffing.


The needs for every Hotels are different and services would be easy-to-read format, giving you more accurate and reliable service with no error, this is what POS does.ZKPOS allows you to manage your front-desk, housekeeping, Accounts and operations in the cloud. Maintain your Hotel business in the best way that suits your style with managing your staffs, with better reporting and with better impression for your customers.

Our system is simple and easy to use with unique functionalities that communicates with each part of software. Customer Satisfaction at its best, making a good impact in the way it is, in this toughest environment with a better service – ultimate profits runs here and ZKPOS offers all above.

Stay engaged with your customers and cheer them with gifts and services where POS gives you a detailed DB about your Customers, so that can beneficial for promotion of your business. POS contributes a finer quality, success and sanity in your Hotel busines

Cafes & Coffee Shops

A café is social place for interacting and enjoying a warm cup of coffee and ZKPOS plays a fitter role in managing your café shop.

If you are preferring a customizable display for your café, then ZKPOS is the answer. A cafe POS system is designed to help small coffee shops and eateries efficiently manage counter, seated, take-out, and delivery orders, plus oversee general business needs. Customer service tools, quick order-taking, and ticket-tracking top the list of needed features in good cafe POS software.

ZKPOS ensures that your business is running with effective and modest functionalities that drives your productivity in all times. Our ZKPOS attractive UI design makes system easy to use and can manage your stock at your fingertips. Mobile POS in Café POS also allows you to take orders instantly, sent it to barista and make it done in no time.


Regardless of any taste, like if you prefer a perfect Italian style, or some Indian taste or some local even, handle it with more care and hold your customers by fulfilling their taste. A Pizzeria POS system has designed and modelled specifically for pizza shops for better business operations. The software helps to make orders for pizza and process payments and get delivered.

The other big advantage of the pizzeria POS system is the availability for online orders. This is a growing trend for even small time pizza stores. It allows those at home to place their order while having the confidence the order has been placed correctly. They will be able to verify everything they ordered on the pizza is correct before placing the order. If they need to make a change, they can still call you at the store.

A bigger hand of surprising promotions to both your regular and normal customers with the help of POS systems and managing with special module of deliveries can even make analysis of your business in the absence of network, ZKPOS serves you with those powerful facilities. ZKPOS designed for high volume order taking and delivering and ensuring customer satisfaction.


Running a clothing store comes with lot of challenges and managing that too through online and in-store finds more difficulty as it handles hundreds of styles & brands per season, ZKPOS helps you to make it easier for your store and leads you successful. POS can capture customer information to analyse purchase patterns and create tailored marketing campaigns.

Using one dashboard you can manage your retail and online stores and can accepts all types of payments and it is very easy to edit, update and add products in your site. The POS systems use software that offers much more than just recording the sales data and printing a receipt, it integrates with customer relationship management, tracks inventory, provides sales history, and does account reporting too. Having data beyond sales, and taking care of customers by knowing specific details keeps them coming back.

You can make loyalty programs for customers and can support high-volume transactions and can even provide 24/7 customer service.

Standing by to help you succeed.

The point of sale and platform built with your business’ success in mind