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ZKPOS Android Applications

While using the Point of Sale systems, some applications perform its extension towards the POS. Applications like Restaurant Report App, Supermarket Report App, Supermarket Inventory App, Supermarket Price Checking App, Restaurant Order App and Web Android Report App does the extension. It helps a user when he is far from the supermarket/restaurant point of sale he can easily perform the functions with the help of these applications. With this app one person can easily view reports, manage sales, orders can be placed, systematic and accurate data, data can be stored and updated and many more functions to go.

Restaurant Report App

View reports like Sales Report, Inventory Report, Accounts Reports and Other Reports detail in PDF format.
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ZKPOS Restaurant Ordering App

Place order via a handheld tablet at the table without rushing to a POS station.
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Restaurant Web Android Report App

Views reports like Daily Sales Report, Daily Receive Report, Monthly Sales Report and many more to go.
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Supermarket Inventory App

Each item is scanned by a barcode when a sales takes place and eliminates counting on each items.
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Supermarket Report App

Views reports like Sales Report, Inventory Report, Tax Report, Customer Report and Other Reports.
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Supermarket Price Checking App

Get pin point details of supermarket products like name, price, barcode and product id.
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