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Hotel POS


The needs for every Hotels are different and services would be easy-to-read format, giving you more accurate and reliable service with no error, this is what POS does.ZKPOS allows you to manage your front-desk, housekeeping, Accounts and operations in the cloud. Maintain your Hotel business in the best way that suits your style with managing your staffs, with better reporting and with better impression for your customers.

Our system is simple and easy to use with unique functionalities that communicates with each part of software. Customer Satisfaction at its best, making a good impact in the way it is, in this toughest environment with a better service – ultimate profits runs here and ZKPOS offers all above.

At hotels, POS systems helps to record the delivery of the product to the specific customers. It helps an easy way to record the transaction and make payment deliberately. POS usually creates an operational efficiency in the hotel to achieve the goals which had already set. It brings in loyalty among the customers while ordering, delivering or via making payment process. Which facilitate in customer contentment.

Hotel POS bring accuracy in accounting, which avoids a large amount of errors while manual calculation. With the records of customer purchased products it can fore see the future preferences of them and thereby strives the market. It saves the time during updating the transactions, with an integrated hotel POS systems.

                     Main Features

Cash Management

POS helps you to make cash management easier. Cash management technology provides your business with an accurate, safe, and secure experience. In our cashless society, a better solution that includes cash management software can make your hotel’s cash management processes faster, more streamlined, and more efficient than ever before, so your employees can be more productive and efficient.

Accurate Bills
Table Management

Table Management

ZKTecopos incorporates a large graphical table plan which can incorporate multiple levels if your restaurant has separate floors or areas.Tables on the floor plan display their current status at a glance, is the table in use, which course are they on, have they requested a bill.

Handheld Ordering

With ZKTecopos you can now enter customer orders anywhere- at the table, on your patio, in your beer garden or perhaps in your function & meeting rooms or hotel reception

Handheld Ordering
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Manage your guest with complete satisfaction in each venue in a synchronised way and find track of all who visits in regular basis and personalise your guest with add-on services

Feather Touch

User-friendly touch interface is the key feature where the employees can master in with the system and manage all operations with ease and can keep all things organised.

Hotel POS System

Manage better, Sell faster

Management of point of sale in hotels gets smarter with the inclusion of a hotel POS system. The products and services at POS points can be organized in unlimited categories & subcategories. A separate group for featured items at the top lets you access and sell your fast-moving products or special items and services at a faster pace.

Standing by to help you succeed.

The point of sale and platform built with your business’ success in mind