Supermarket POS


Supermarket POS system and software solutions allows you to manage simply and effortlessly all your business processes directly from your back office smoothly and perfectly. From pricing to inventory management, to analysing sales and reports, employee performances, to manage promotions, offers and campaigns, all information are delivered instantaneously across the whole company giving you a complete overview of your business using ZKPOS supermarket system.

A supermarket POS system may even go one step further to alleviate shortages and curb over-ordering. Depending on the particular inventory management module, it may generate an alert when inventory levels reach user-defined minimums, and, in some cases, create re-orders based on this information. Self-kiosks in the supermarket will attain more customers to get-in & out of stores more quickly and promptly.

Re-ordering of products can be done easily by identifying and analysing stocks by ZKPOS Supermarket Software. This software also helps in increasing employee productivity.The rich functionality in the ZKPOS Supermarket system will helps to accomplish customer loyalty thereby attracting more customers which becomes a key point of success.

A Supermarket POS system with great potential ability maximise the productivity and consists more necessity for a business to enhance its sales proceedings. The ZKTeco POS system manage sales, employees, inventory and keep tracking records easily in a systemized way. The integrated point of sale system is insisted with a basic accounting software, in which functions can be enabled based on the settings that had already made.

Daily updates can be conclusively made with a POS system, which notifies about each and every single details of point of sale transactions for the proper functioning of its performance. Here it feeds all the pertinent details of customers and products for future operating process improvement. A POS system can link various process of day-to-day business transactions to stimulate its sales structure to be embedded an error free payments.

                     Main Features

Point of Sales

Running a smooth checkout process is vital for any grocery store or supermarket. You need a system that is both reliable and efficient. ZKTeco POS Software was designed to give you and your customers a stellar shopping experience. Use your own hardware, record transactions, identify sales and grant discounts with just a few clicks..

Point of Sales
Cash Register

Cash Management

The challenging part in a supermarket business where purchases are of cash type, card type or even offer type with coupons will be assorted easily by software. POS helps you to integrate with any hardware to manage your cash register system.

Barcode Scanning System

This will allow you to know exactly where the items are placed and track them with their brands. It also helps with cash register functions where it leads to easy billing process..

Barcode Scanning System
Statistics and Business Reports

Statistics & Reports

If you wish to run your SuperMarket or Grocery Shop more efficiently and take it to the next level, you'll need to analyze your business reports. ZKTecopos provides many customizable reports and statistics that can help you better understand what your customers want and what your business needs.

Inventory Management

Managing with the stock with different products of different brands easily and efficiently by software without any workload. It helps you to smoothly integrate with ecom software where It can track with the accounts and inventory.

Stock Management
Real Time Reporting

Scale & Scanner Integration

In Supermarkets & grocery Store, a POS system should be able to read weight embedded barcodes and should identify and find the exact measurement of the product, where ZKPOS provide the means for speed up transactions and will accomplish to customers’ needs.

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