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Supermarket POS


Supermarket windows POS system allows you to manage simply and effortlessly all your business processes directly from your back office smoothly and perfectly. From pricing to inventory management, to analysing sales and reports, employee performances, to manage promotions, offers and campaigns, all information are delivered instantaneously across the whole company giving you a complete overview of your business using ZKPOS supermarket system. A supermarket POS system may even go one step further to alleviate shortages and curb over-ordering. Depending on the particular inventory management module, it may generate an alert when inventory levels reach user-defined minimums, and, in some cases, create re-orders based on this information. Self-kiosks in the supermarket will attain more customers to get-in & out of stores more quickly and promptly.

Supermarket Back Office

Apart from a supermarket windows point of sale software, it has a Back Office in which any individual can login into the back office with a URL and can access the data’s in the exe. Where if the warehouse is far from the supermarket grocery, he can directly get login into the back office and can add the stock or products from there. The only difference between a back office and exe is that he cannot make any sales from there. It has the features like product management, real time reporting, discount and offers, account management, data cleaning and report management.

supermarket backoffice solution
supermarket inventory app solution

Supermarket Inventory App

Backing with a Supermarket windows POS and Back Office, it has some add-ones features like Supermarket Inventory App, Supermarket Price Checking App and Supermarket Report App does more privileged solutions to the customers. In a supermarket inventory app it has a solution like when a sale takes place, the sold item is scanned by a barcode and no need to count on the items while error in counting items can be avoided. With inventory app any user can easily understand the number of inventory in the store and it helps to take stable decisions.

Supermarket Price Checking App

The price checking app of supermarket, without a point of sale a cashier can easily get the details of product like price, barcode, product id and also can scan the product later barcode price will automatically displays in the screen. If the cashier urgently need a report he can easily get those reports by using the report app if he is far away from his POS machine. New offers and promotion of items displays in the price checking app screen.

supermarket price checking app solution
supermarket report app solution

Supermarket Report App

ZKPOS SUPERMARKET REPORT APP is a complete solution for getting reports like Sales report, Inventory report, Tax report, Customer report and Other reports. If an individual who went outside can immediately view the report details within seconds by using the supermarket report app. While viewing the reports you can also share the reports in an easy way.

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