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Clothing POS


Running a clothing store comes with lot of challenges and managing that too through online and in-store finds more difficulty as it handles hundreds of styles & brands per season, ZKPOS helps you to make it easier for your store and leads you successful. POS can capture customer information to analyse purchase patterns and create tailored marketing campaigns.

Using one dashboard you can manage your retail and online stores and can accepts all types of payments and it is very easy to edit, update and add products in your site. The POS systems use software that offers much more than just recording the sales data and printing a receipt, it integrates with customer relationship management, tracks inventory, provides sales history, and does account reporting too. Having data beyond sales, and taking care of customers by knowing specific details keeps them coming back.

You can make loyalty programs for customers and can support high-volume transactions and can even provide 24/7 customer service.

A high definite clothing POS makes your business into profitability, with its infinite features. A POS which track records, makes payment, takes orders and delivers which effectively prime to a bid source to your complete clothing business solutions. Which always tide highly to establish a better cash management for proper business operations.

ZKTeco’s makes the clothing habit into a standard output to enrich its core values towards a better performing system. A POS is quick and easy way to make the transactions, payments to a systematic approach. It easily access orders and make prompt payment via cash or card.

                     Main Features

Quick keys and/or product lookup

A catalogue is available for most trendy things and even it shows commonly sold items in one-click. Multi-dimensional inventory grid can easily manage multi-attribute items such clothing and apparel with size, colour and style attributes.

Product Search and Quick Keys
Multiple Payments

Multiple payment methods/split payments

You can make any type of payments and can use any currency to make payments and can make online payments using POS. Using POS, you can issue and redeem customer store credit.

Inventory Management

Get the robust inventory of all stocks available for both online and in store business By POS software and create multiple variants for all products that sold. And you can sort products by their size, brand and even colour.

Live Viewing Panel
Customer Facing Display

Customer Management

Customer dashboard allows you to find every transactions and you can make recommendations and marketing campaigns and promos for customers by seasons and even surprise them with rewards and gifts. Customer facing display makes a transparency in every transactions they made.


The barcode method is used widely and it is possible with POS for better time management by finding its price and for removing human errors for their price entry.



A dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of how your store is doing. It’s a great feature to have because it gives you an immediate of your business’ performance without having to dig or hunt for the info.

Standing by to help you succeed.

The point of sale and platform built with your business’ success in mind