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Inventory Management


ZKTeco POS Inventory Management Solutions


- Manage complex matrix inventories.

- Stay ahead with low stock alerts

- Gain real time insights on your inventory.

- Reduce food waste and improve order accuracy.

- Identify your best selling products and manage overhead

- Avoid stock outs by tracking and monitoring your inventory in real time.

- Use a kitchen display for increased accuracy

- Meet the demands of your business and your customers

- Create and modify schedules for each employee.

Inventory Management Solutions

Complete control of your business no matter where you are. Manage single or multiple locations from anywhere with real-time reporting from the ZKTeco POS platform right on your mobile device, so you can ensure that business is going as planned. Access Straight-Forward Data and Rich Visualizations. Maintain Complete Control of Your Labor. With easy to understand reporting, achieve a deeper understanding of what’s actually happening in your business day-to-day and identify how it’s trending based on past performance. Labor costs are one of the biggest expenses for any business and failing to monitor consistently can create surprises that impact your bottom line. Ensure that employees show up on time and don’t rack up unapproved overtime with instant notifications. With the wealth of reporting data at your fingertips, identify actual trends from occasional anomalies and plan future operations based on real business data. 

Inventory Management Solutions

Product Management & Menu Building

Tailor a menu to reflect your business. Meet the demands of your business and your customers. Build a menu that meets your specifications. Automatically push menu changes to your POS. Create menu items in your Management Console, import your entire via spreadsheet, or directly from you POS. Create the menu you desire with ZKTeco POS’s flexible menus. Categories, subcategories, and products allow you to build your menu to your exact specifications. Offer special discounts on groups of products with Combos.


Kitchen Management

Streamline your kitchen processes with tools that connect directly to your POS. Lose paper tickets and display orders as they come in on a Kitchen Display System. Your team will be able to manage orders more efficiently and eliminate any gaps with automatic syncing between your Point of Sale and Kitchen Display System. A Revel POS integrates seamlessly with a number of kitchen printers to ensure your back of house runs like clockwork. This includes thermal printers, designed specifically to handle the heat of the kitchen. Utilize inventory and sales reports when making decisions for your kitchen. Ingredient level reporting provides insights to aid in inventory purchases and menu changes.



Stay smart about your business with ZKTeco POS’s reporting suite that gathers data from every transaction, organizing it into detailed reports to help you analyze your business performance. Identify your best selling products and manage overhead. Avoid stock outs by tracking and monitoring your inventory in real time. Identify your most profitable menu items, learn where you can reduce waste, and costs vs. profits on all of your items. Make sure you're always stocked, utilize matrix inventory to make sure the right sizes or varieties are available to your customers. Track employee productivity and measure employee costs against sales revenue. Optimize your labor scheduling to better align with business trends to reduce overspend.


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