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ZKPOS Retail Report App

ZKPOS Retail Report App is a larger solution which helps to run and grow business end to end. Sales reporting helps to analyses the stores sales data which gives a glimpse about stores performance. ZKPOS Retail Report APP helps to provide reports in Total Sale, Total Stock Receive, Day wise Sale, and Day wise stock receive, Tax, Customer and Inventory Reports. ZKPOS Retail Report app shows graph feature to display currently sales, weekly and monthly sales details. This helps the user to easily understand the status of their business at their fingertip and make proper decisions to enhance their business. With this app data’s can be analysed, stored back-up and also data recovery can be easily done. Get everything safe and secure in order to make reports on daily sales, customers, products and expenses whenever necessary.

  • •    Accurate and intact reports.
  • •    Real time monitoring of sales, stock and inventory.
  • •    Manage to get sales reports at anywhere at fingertips.
  • •    Attractive user interface.
  • •    Graphical representation of sale and receive data daily, monthly and weekly
  • •    Current reports shows the details of current data
  • •    Easy sharing of reports.
  • •    Time wise, day wise and category wise filtering of reports
  • •    Sales and purchase tax reporting
  • •    Easily comprehensible reports



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