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ZKPOS Supermarket Inventory App

ZKPOS Supermarket Inventory App allows the business individual to easily manage and find out the inventory system. It consist not to worry about how much inventory that a supermarket holds, the point of sale system keeps track of the items and will get the information at a glance. With ZKPOS Supermarket Inventory App it saves the name of the stock of items and shelf number where the cashier scan the product with the help of a barcode scanner and the product name, its shelf will be displayed and we can add the stock into the application. Accordingly it will updated in ZKPOS Supermarket software also if we upload the details. The application helps us to maintain the stock intact.

  • •    Easy user interface.
  • •    Download facility of stock from supermarket.
  • •    Verify physical stock details with the downloaded stock.
  • •    Updating of stock.
  • •    Barcode scanning facility
  • •    Identification of shelf details
  • •    Easy uploading of physical stock
  • •    Simple to use and easily comprehensible
  • •    Easily find out the difference between physical stock and stock received in software



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Process Guide

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