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ZKPOS Supermarket Price Checking App

ZKPOS Supermarket Price Checking App is the complete price checking app with intuitive user interface where price of an inventory can quickly check out with a barcode scanner and can earn customers satisfaction. In which the barcode function easily scan the inventory, and thus price of a product automatically appears in the screen where the customer can see the billing of product where it bring loyalty among them. In ZKPOS Supermarket price checking app you can add promotion pictures while opening it. In this way you can promote any advertisement, customer loyalty programs and new arrivals of items.

  • •    Easy user interface.
  • •    Price of every product at your finger tip.
  • •    Easy identification of offers and promotions.
  • •    Price detail with images
  • •    Barcode scanning facility
  • •    Check the price without the help of employees
  • •    Customer satisfaction
  • •    User friendly
  • •    Less complicated



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Process Guide

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User Manual

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