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ZKPOS Wholesale Software

ZKPOS Wholesale software record transactions, manage sales commissions and export data. ZKPOS will manage your wholesale business in a desirable way and eliminates the need of entering information in multiple ways so that reduces errors. We can use POS system in an offline mode to make reports as it never lose your opportunity because of network connectivity. It is categorize in groceries shop, electrical & electronics shop, lifestyle & fashion shop, wholesale textile shop, hardware & sanitary, books & stationary and sport & games shop. The Profit & loss management help to keep control of your business. It also provides complete order tracking from acceptance to payment. It generate sales invoices, apply discounts and promotions, make end of day settlement, and even synchronizes sales of all outlets to backend system through internet.

  • •   Customer Relationship and Retention of History.
  • •    Multi-currency payment and online update of exchange rate
  • •    Multi language facility
  • •    Multiple Payment Options for Same Invoice (Split Payments).
  • •    Attendance. Discount Settings
  • •    Premium Gift and Point Reward Functions.
  • •    Loyalty Programs.
  • •   Expense Management.
  • •    Daily Settlement Function.
  • •    Keyboard Navigation.
  • •    Employee Management.
  • •    Employee Work Period Management
  • •    Customer Management.
  • •    Customer friendly reports
  • •    Fast Check Out
  • •    Minus stock facility
  • •    Cash Flow Management
  • •    User Accounts Permissions and Privileges
  • •    Data Backup and Restore Facility
  • •    Expense
  • •    Cash Advance
  • •   SQL Server and SQL Local DB Database Facility
  • •    Data Cleaning Facility
  • •    Customer Account Creation and Customer Authentication
  • •    Multi-Store and Warehouse Management
  • •    Invoice Return Facility
  • •    Invoice Discount and Rounding Facility
  • •    Petty Cash Advance Facility for Cashier
  • •    Inventory Tracking
  • •    Temporary and Duplicate Invoice Print
  • •    Invoice / Product Wise Ticket Note Facility
  • •    Multi-Invoice templates and Multi-Language invoice printing
  • •    Import and Export Data Facility
  • •    Stock Receiving and Stock Transfer Facility
  • •    Product and discount price list creation
  • •   Simultaneous Invoice and Order Management Facility



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