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  • Long lifespan Button

  • Connect and use, no need the driver

  • Support data transmission mode & data storage mode (batch mode)

  • Equipped 4MB memory can save more than 30,000 barcodes

  • Auto sleep supported and easily waken up with a click of one button

Model Name ZKB106 ZKB108
Mechanical Characteristics
Weight Net 150g
Wireless standard S2.4 GHZ ISM band,up to 100 working channels
Data storage 4M,inventory model can store 30000 bar code
Indicator Buzzer ,LED
Interface Receiver : USB
Keyboard layout United States (default)
Material ABS+TPU
Electrical Characteristics
Input Voltage Scanner charging power supply : DC+4.75V~+5.25V Receiver:DC+4.75V~+5.25V USB
Current Sleep:0.5 MA; Scan:65 MA; Data transmission: 135 MA
Scan Performance
Battery 1100 Mah
Working hours > 20 hours
Communication range 200 meters (open range of visibility)
Light source 650 nm visible laser
Decoding ability All one dimensional bar code
Scanning speed 200 times per second
Environmental Characteristics
Temperature working : 0 degrees C to 50 degrees C Storage: -40 degrees C to 60 degrees C
Humidity 5% to 95%
Safety EMC: EN55022, EN55024 | Electrical Safety: EN60950-1
Certification RoHS standard

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